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You know that one pair of shoes you own … they're chic, they’re hot, they completely reflect who you are…and they make your feet scream for something more comfortable after 30 minutes? We’ve all been there and unfortunately, when you think “fashion”, you automatically think of painful high heels. You want something original, a statement piece, but should it really come at the expense of your comfort?  We didn’t think so when we set out to create our shoe company. 

Well, we at Emme Cadeau want you to enjoy that moment of shoe bliss for more than just a moment.  We thought, if people can send a man to the moon, we can deliver a shoe that is comfortable on the inside AND reflects your personality on the outside. Wild! Sexy! Quirky! Casual! Classy! You name it – We bring it!

Emme Cadeau footwear wants you to be who you are, and to be comfortable doing it.

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