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A Walk in Her Shoes with 'The Tall Society'

Marcella Gift

Posted on January 03 2019

Whenever we mention that our sizes run from US 6 to 12, half sizes included, we get some interesting responses from ladies on the upper end of the spectrum, including:

(1) Yaaayyyy

(2) So I can actually order a size 11.5?  I can never find the half size

(3) Woah, you have a size 11?  That's huge!!

It really makes our day that we can generate that kind of joy, because there is nothing worse than seeing a pair of shoes you like, that's not in your size.....EVER!!  Well, that's not how we think it should be, so click the link below to see what Bree from 'The Tall Society' had to say about us.  Katie is rocking our 'Disco Ball' and 'Rose Mystique' flats.


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