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Emme Cadeau footwear, first started with a small collection of comfortable leather ballet flats in ten different colors.  After being asked time after time "when will you be making heels?", "are there any other shoes in your range?", we knew we had an opportunity and decided to do just that. The result of which is our line of heels and sneakers, launched through and available exclusively on Indiegogo.

What is the Emme Cadeau difference?

Learn more and order through our Indiegogo campaign page, https://igg.me/at/emmecadeau


Our IndieGoGo campaign, will help us to secure the final round of funding to produce our shoes, and we will be shipping them directly to you anywhere in the world. We can’t wait to redefine beauty standards, one pair of shoes at a time.  Learn more and get up to 30% off the regular retail price by ordering through our Indiegogo campaign. 

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