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Our Story

It's edgy, it's stylish, it's comfortable - it's Emme Cadeau.

Emme Cadeau is inspired by everything from nature to architecture, fusing elements of color, texture and shape.  It's not just a shoe, it's a vibe, it's an expression of who you are.  From elevated athleisure to elegant heels, Emme Cadeau is for those who are a little wild at heart.



The Emme Cadeau promise

  • Where the edge of New York and the flare of the Caribbean come together: We combine the unexpected, the colorful and the interesting to create luxury footwear that's classic with an edgy twist. All of our designs are conceived right here in the fashion capital of the world. 
  • Quality craftsmanship: We produce in Portugal, a country recognized for its expertise, knowledge and long tradition in manufacturing quality footwear.
  • Comfort: Built with arch support, durable structuring, high quality materials like full grain leather, and 3 layers of foam insoles, our heels will support your feet for hours on end as you complete your busy schedule. Travel the world, see new places, give a business presentation, and do it all knowing your feet are going to be perfectly snug.
  • Range of Sizes: We know how hard it can be for those with larger feet.  Our size inclusive range is offered in sizes EU 35 to 44 (Women's US 5 to 14 for women, Men's US 3 to 12)
  • Long-Lasting: Our shoes aren’t made for a seasons; they are timeless pieces that are made to last.  


Ready for happy feet? Discover comfort for a new age

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