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Our Story


The brand Emme Cadeau brings together the designer's two major influences: Caribbean flair and New York edge.

To be from Trinidad and Tobago is to have an appreciation for art, nature, vibrant colors and texture, which is reflected in the uniqueness of materials used to create our footwear. The Caribbean culture directs the brand's bold material choices, while keeping an effortless air.  

If the Caribbean life is all about ease and flair, life in New York is about structure, comfort and fit.  It shapes: (1) the brand's affinity for simple silhouettes, which allows the materials to resonate and shine (2) the focus on comfort as a top priority, ensuring that the brand delivers footwear that take you from day to night not only in look but also in feel.

The Emme Cadeau promise

  • Quality craftsmanship: We produce in Portugal, a country recognized for its expertise, knowledge and long tradition in manufacturing quality footwear.
  • Comfort: Built with arch support, and a 3 layer foam insole, our footwear will support your feet for hours on end. Travel the world, see new places, give a business presentation, and do it all knowing that your feet are going to be perfectly happy.
  • Range of Sizes: We know how hard it can be for those with larger feet.  Our size inclusive range is offered in sizes EU 35 to 44 (Women's US 5 to 14 for women, Men's US 3 to 12.


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